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My Florida Divorce™ is an independent, non-attorney service dedicated to providing individuals and businesses with affordable divorce assistance services in the State of Florida. Since you are reading this page you; you are considering a filing for divorce or learning more about how to do so in Florida divorce court.

My Florida Divorce
– "No matter what problem you face, we have the Florida Divorce Services that can help!”
Expedited legal document preparation services and local filing agent services are available to cover all aspects of your Florida Divorce.

We can help you save time and money when you need documents quickly prepared to start your divorce in Florida and file your case with the court; including Child Support, Child Custody, Real Property, and Other Agreements between you and your spouse! Using the information you provide on a simple Florida Divorce Service Form; we promptly prepare all documents needed to file your divorce in any Florida county. If you have your gone through all the steps in trying to resolve your complaint and you are ready to file a Divorces case;

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+ Over 100,000 Divorces Successfully Filed Using My Florida Divorce™ Services!

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Florida Divorce By Mail!

Complete Your Divorce from Home!* Fast and Easy Florida Divorce! - We file your papers for you!

We are here to assist you with your uncontested Florida divorce as your personal non-attorney agent. We produce all the documents you will need for an uncontested Florida divorce with no court appearance, without minor children, or property.

My Florida Divorce™ is a full-service document service; offering low-cost non-attorney divorce related solutions to Florida's self-represented individuals.

How Long Does it Take to Get Started?
All documents are prepared within 24 hours of receipt of order! You never have to leave your home or office, or search for parking at the court house. We file your case with the court and obtain the first court date for you within 10 to 15 business days.

Expedited Service of Process!
Upon filing with the court; we will coordinate the prompt delivery of court notices to your spouse by one of our dedicated local process serving agents within our local Florida Process Server network.

* Please Note: To use this service, the "Petitioner" must reside in the State of Florida. We have no control over court dates. All court dates are determined by the court house at the time of filing your cause of action.

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Legal Document Preparation - My Florida Divorce™ is designed to help landlords save time and money when preparing Florida Divorce documents.

Free Divorce Forms - My Florida Divorce™ provides free divorce forms online as a convenient download service to Florida self-represented individuals to quickly retrieve common documents used in the Florida divorce process. You may use any divorce forms provided on this page at any time free of charge!

- Click on any Florida divorce related form below to download the selected document. Then simply complete the form with your information, sign your name, and use as desired. Retain a copy of the document served for your own personal records!


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