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How Does the Service Work?

My Florida Divorce™ is designed to offer self-represented individuals and businesses convenient access to the Florida judicial system along with dedicated divorce related services and customer support to quickly produce and file the legal documents needed along with the sense of urgency expected when dealing with a Florida divorce.

We have helped thousands of people prepare and complete their own Florida divorce online. We guarantee all documents will be prepared correctly and expedited with the attention to detail and sence of urgency expected!

We use the information that you provide to us via the web site or via fax on a completed Florida Divorce Service Form; to quickly produce your document package and file your Florida divorce with the court.
We use only Florida Supreme Court approved documents as perscribed for use by the Florida Bar!

What Is The Cost to File a Florida Divorce?
These cost generaly range between $99 - $410 for local filing fees.

»» For Complete Price List of My Florida Divorce Services and Filing Fees; Learn More, Here.


Uncontested Florida Divorce;
We Are Here To Help


    Uncontested Florida Divorce Service: If you and your spouse are in agreement with the following issues, both of you will provide information so that we may help you prepare all of your paperwork to file and complete your Florida Uncontested Divorce.

    You must be in agreement on all of the following issues:

    • + Agreement. You must both be in agreement that you want the divorce.
    • + No Children. No minor children may be in the divorce.
    • + Assets/Debts. You must be in agreement on how all of your assets/debts are to be spliy/settled.

    • *
      It does not matter whose name they are in. Assets are usually considered to be the following: vehicles, boats, motorcycles, trailers, stocks, bonds, notes, IRA's, 401Ks, or any other retirement plans, real estate, including your marital home.

    • The following links are examples of a Marital Settlement Agreements that will help you and your spouse come to an agreement. Just remember, if you can not agree on all the matters, mediation may be required to help you.

    • »» Sample - Marital Settlement Agreement (NO CHILDREN/NO PROPERTY)


Instructions for Starting Your Divorce
(Three Easy Steps)

My Florida Divorce™ is an independent, low-cost non-attorney service;
offering quality document preparation services in a fast, convenient, and cost effective manner!


Complete The Divorce Service Form
Fill out the Florida Divorce Service Form, here;

Contact My Florida Divorce
Submit the completed form and attachment(s) to: 813.436.3389, or:

File Your Divorce and Obtain Your Judgment
Learn more abour My Florida Divorce Services, here;

Once we have your information, the completed Divorce documents will be sent to you to proof, sign, and return the same day as ordered!


  1. What Is Included With The Service?
    The Complete Divorce Solution

    Divorce Package Includes The Following Documents/Services;

      • + Review the information you submit to us;
      • + Professionally Prepare All Divorce Documents;
      • + File The Divorce With The Proper Florida Courts;
      • + Serve The Defendant at Home or Business (Optional);
      • + File Proof of Service With The Court;
      • + File the legal forms with the proper court and pay the filing fee;
      • + Keep you informed at each step of the way
      • + Notify you of your court date, time and location;
      • + Present you with a copy of all the legal papers you'll need in court;
      • + Provide you with “Your Day in Court” - tips for a successful day in court.
      • + Fast, Reliable and Accurate Service at a Reasonable Price!

  2. All Documents Are Completed; Now What?
    Follow Up and Conclude Your Divorce

  3. Case Status Updates, Prompt Document Filing, and More!
    Upon filing your Divorce for you with the court, My Florida Divorce will keep you informed of updates or docket changes as they occur until conclusion of the Divorce. When a Judgment for Possession is awarded to you by the court, My Florida Divorce will assist you in scheduling an appointment with the local sheriff to return possession of your property.

    * Check Case Status Online, here.

* Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us, here.

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Additional Florida Divorce Information

The rules a individuals and businesses must follow come from the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure for evicting a delinquent defendant. Upon filing for Divorce a Complaint and Summons must be served by the Sheriff's office or by an authorized process server. The defendant will be afforded a chance to answer and defend the complaint. The court may hear and adjudicate the case accordingly.

* Our full Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Use.can be reviewed anytime online.

* Feel free to browse our website and visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information.

Divorce Related Services and Support

Professional Assisted Divorce Solutions

  • From the initial Demand for Settlement Notice  (Before Divorce Filed) served to your defendant, to preparing all documents needed to file your Divorce case with the local courts; My Florida Divorce can provide the assistance and resources you need to get the job done!


Resources and Information for Individuals and Businesses

  • My Florida Divorce provides customers with a vast knowledge base of information and resources to aid Florida individuals and businesses in navigating the Divorce process. Access common Divorce related documents, important legal information, and more!


Defendant Research and Investigation Services

  • My Florida Divorce provides Florida individuals and businesses's access to low-cost defendant research services and asset allocation for anywhere in the US. Verify potential judgments with nation-wide information services for greater peace of mind.


Affordable Legal Document Preparation Services

  • Complete Divorce documents as low as $50.00 to only $159.97 depending on the type of service required, some with "no court hearing required"! Call us today at 888-362-4816, to discuss your Florida Divorce Service needs. Accepting Visa Master Card and American Express.