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Professional Assisted Divorce Solutions


My Florida Divorce™ can help you save time and money when you need legal documents to file your divorce. Property owners can expedite their own divorce documents online or over the phone in the comfort of their home or office! We offer landlords affordable divorce related services in all Florida counties!

Using the information you provide on a simple Florida Divorce Service Form sf, we promptly prepare all documents needed to file for your specific divorce. In addition to our affordable do-it-yourself (DIY), and full-service divorce related document packages and services, every new customer can take advantage of the variety of divorce related essentials, including pre-divorce and post-divorce related resources, services, and web-based products.


Affordable Document Preparation and Court Filing Services

Professional Assisted Divorce Solutions and local filing assistance using My Florida Divorce services.

* Includes all My Florida Divorce™ premium resources and documents!

* Plus applicable court costs and county sheriff fees. (please view total cost associated with the service below)

* You will need to use the following chart to determine your total cost; as price will vary based on the specific type of divorce service you choose.

My Florida Divorce™ - Service Type

Service Level

Service Fee

.Court Filing Fee

Total Expense

DIY Document Package





Simplified Divorce





Dissolution of Marriage w/o Minor Child(ren) or Property





Divorce Modification Documents






* Should your action be a contested dissolution of marriage, or should your case become contested during the pendancy of your filing service, you will need to apply an additional USD 100.00 to the price of your service for additional document preparation or modification services. Should you feel your case may become to complicated or that you will need legal advice regarding your particular situation, you will need to consult with an attorney licensed to practice within the state of Florida.

Payment Options

Once you complete and return the Florida Divorce Service Form sf, we will quickly expedite your documents and file your divorce with the court. You will not be required to leave your own home or office! To receive more information about our products or services; please call today;888-362-4816. Services available in most Florida counties with local agent support and hospitality.

Pay with Credit/Debit Card: Aat this time only paper instrument are accepted; however, we will soon accept any major credit or debit card.

Pay with Check/Money Order: We accept personal checks or money orders. We will apply payments by check to the account indicated as soon as we receive it; but not earlier. For information on how to pay, please read our FAQ section regarding How do I make a payment?

* Please make the check or money order payable to "Documents Plus, Inc." and send via postal mail to the address provided on your service invoice.

* Checks must be in U.S. Dollars and drawn from a U.S. Bank.


Local Document Courier and Notary Services!

My Florida Notary™ - Service

Mobile Service Range

Traveling Fee

Notary Cost

Expedited Mobile Notary Services

0-10 Miles


$10.00 First Page; 5.00 Ea. After

Expedited Mobile Notary Services

11-20 Miles


$10.00 First Page; 5.00 Ea. After

Local Signing Agent by Appointment

More Info

More Info

More Info


* Mobile notary services are currently for Local Florida customers only.

To request divorce document services, please complete our Florida Divorce Service Form sf.

For more information regarding the steps involved, or to get started with your divorce documents today; click the learn more button below.


Serving Florida's Self Represented-Individuals


My Florida Divorce's Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing only our best in service with an unmatched level of support! We strive to help individuals resolve conflict and move forward in their lives by providing accurate, thorough, and affordable divorce related services. We strive to treat our clients, other professionals, and each other with dignity and consideration through cooperation and communication.

* Legal Notice:
The information provided is procedural in nature. Information or documents provided are not a substitute for legal advice. By downloading any document published by My Florida divorce ™, you indicate that you understand and agree to our Legal Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.